Documentation: Dispatch

Everything you should know about dispatches in the Ubiqod activity tracking platform.


Clockify Timesheet: Track Field Workers Activity

With the Clockify Dispatch for Ubiqod, you can send clock in and clock out data collected with Ubiqod in the field (QR codes, NFC clocks, hand-free clocking, Digital Timesheet, etc.) to Clockify, a time tracking cloud software. The clockify timesheet will be automatically filled with the Ubiqod data, in real time. Additionally, the free Clockify App for Ubiqod helps to manage PIN codes, badge lists, and sites directly in the Clockify backend. Send Data to Clockify Timesheet To send data to your Clockify account, go to the Dispatch menu, press the +CREATE button, and select Clockify Select an existing Clockify […]

Use Make App for Ubiqod to Connect Third-Party Software like Asana

Make is a fantastic tool for integrating various software applications seamlessly. Without writing a single line of code, you can create powerful apps. With the new Ubiqod App for Make, connecting your Skiply IoT devices or QR codes to any of the thousands of applications available on Make has never been easier. To demonstrate, we will establish a connector between Ubiqod and Asana, an incredibly efficient cloud-based project management tool. Prerequisites In order to follow this tutorial, you must: Have a Make account Create a free Asana account Have a Ubiqod account If you are not familiar with Make, you can […]

Ubiqod Dispatches

What is a dispatch? When a user presses a connected button, scans a badge, or submits a form after scanning a QR code, the data can be transmitted in real-time to third-party systems (except for redirection interfaces). With our “Dispatch” feature, you have the flexibility to determine the destination of your data. There are two types of dispatches available: Generic Dispatch: This can be connected to any system that accepts webhooks. Standard Connectors: These are pre-configured to send data to specific systems. Generic Dispatch (webhooks) With webhooks, you can send data to any system that accepts webhooks. If you are […]

Ubiqod: replay missed IoT data

Wireless connected objects communicate using various radio protocols. Occasionally, data might get lost due to unforeseen incidents. By activating the Replay the missed data option, missed data detected by Ubiqod will be replayed and sent before transmitting the current data. How to activate this option? In the GENERAL OPTIONS of the Dispatch, check the option Replay the missed data. Compatible devices The following Skiply products possess the capability to identify and resend the last missed data to the dispatch: Smilio A (code mode) Clock S (LoRaWAN only) Smilio S (code mode)

Ubiqod: Data Filtering (dispatch)

What is data filtering? Data filtering lets you limit the data relayed to the dispatch based on specific criteria. When this feature is activated, only the data that meets these criteria will be sent to the dispatch. You can find data filtering options under the GENERAL OPTIONS tab within the Dispatches section. To add a filter, activate the Data filter option, click on ADD + and select the filter you want to apply. You can combine multiple filters. Acknowledgement with badge filter (IoT only) Configuration Select A badge was scanned to send data when a user scans a badge on […]