Documentation: timesheet

How to manage timesheets in the Ubiqod Field Activity Tracking Platform.


Create a connected timesheet in Airtable with Ubiqod

Airtable is a powerful tool to build your own business App without typing a single line of code. As easy to use as a spreadsheet, it also offers native ways to integrate with third-party software like Ubiqod. In this guide, we will connect a virtual time clock to Airtable in order to send workers’ work hours to it. We will build a connected timesheet that will offer the possibility to track the activity of the whole team without leaving the office, and in real time You can imagine a lot more use cases with Airtable: Hotel room management Flex office […]

Can I Track My Employees’ Positions Using Geolocation When They Start/Stop Work?

Yes, with Ubiqod, you can incorporate geolocation data alongside start and stop actions—and more broadly, for every action accessible through the interface—under the following conditions: You’re utilizing a QR code tracker, Ubiqod Key, or kiosk mode. By employing these tools, geolocation becomes an integral part of tracking, providing accurate location data for each action recorded. The geolocation option has been activated in the Interface configuration. This feature must be enabled to gather geolocation data, ensuring that each interaction with the system can be accurately placed on a map. Users have granted permission for geolocation during their initial use of the […]