Who are we?

Skiply is a French Tech Company, created in 2015.

By working with us, you will quickly understand that we provide more than just connected buttons.

We give you some tools to better understand your customers and make them become key allies.

We reinvent interactions with your employees to promote the well-being of all. 

We optimize industrial and logistical processes to ensure optimum efficiency. 

We help you implement new and more efficient business models.

The way to do that? We use the most simple and universal interface in the world: buttons

Buttons which every human being, of all ages, from the most humble to the most erudite, can interact with,
on his own initiative.

Our core solutions

Collection of customer feedback, real-time and continuous client surveys

#Customer satisfaction

Management of outsourced
staff and services

#Facility management

#Smart building

Optimization of industrial
and logistical processes

#Industry 4.0

#Logistics 4.0

Smilio connected terminals

Skiply is settled in France, at the heart of the Massif des Bauges in Savoy. Here, we design and produce our entire products range with the help of sub-contractors largely settled in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Today, two ranges of terminals build the reputation of Skiply, both in France and overseas:

Maximum visibility, at the top of Surveys!

Compact, effective, into the Action!

Our partners

Our survey terminals and action buttons communicate on Sigfox and LoRa networks that are dedicated to connected objects. 

To deploy the whole of its solutions, Skiply relies on a strong worldwide network of IoT operators and integrators. 

We are also an active Member of the LoRa Alliance

Our references

More than 400 customers from all businesses and countries rely on us and use our solutions to improve their quality of service and their performances. Since its creation, Skiply has received several awards

- Vinci Start’up Tour, in 2016, Airports category - 

- Engie Cofely Call for Projects, in 2018, Industry category -

- Gold Silicon Innovation Award, in 2019, for the most innovative professional connected object -

- Silver Silicon Innovation Award, in 2019, for the best IoT industry-oriented solution -

- Pass French Tech label in July 2019 -

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