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News related to the Ubiqod connector for Clockify Timesheet. Connect your data to a leading timesheet software.


Identity verification, new connectors… Ubiqod upgrades to version 1.7

With the release of version 1.7 of the Ubiqod platform, new functionalities and connectors are enhancing the broadest offering of field activity tracking on the market. Random Photo Capture for Identity Verification Although Ubiqod already allows the identification of operators through badges, there are instances where individuals might stand in for others for certain tasks.For this reason, we have implemented random control photo capture. It is possible to configure the frequency of photo capture, as well as the resolution and the camera to use. To try this, follow the guide! New Connectors: Clockify and Zapier Our connector catalog is expanding […]

New Clockify Connector for Ubiqod Revolutionizes Time Tracking Integration

In a significant development for productivity tools and time management solutions, the latest Clockify connector for Ubiqod has been officially released. This innovative integration promises to streamline the process of tracking time directly from Ubiqod to Clockify, the leading cloud-based time tracking software. The Clockify App for Ubiqod is designed to bridge the gap between physical site management and digital time tracking, enabling users to seamlessly send clock-in and clock-out data collected via Ubiqod to their Clockify accounts. This integration is particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals looking to automate their time tracking processes, thereby enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Key […]