Connected time clock

Connected time clock

Skiply’s advanced time clocks and badge systems are expertly designed to accurately record work hours and on-site team entries, ensuring precise and efficient workforce management. All data, regardless of the device selected, is transmitted in real time to your system of choice via our versatile Ubiqod platform, be it HR software, Payroll, ERP, or Microsoft SharePoint. This seamless integration allows you to continue utilizing the tools you are already familiar with, without any disruption.

We understand that there is no universal solution for time and attendance systems; instead, we focus on providing a customized approach that precisely aligns with your unique operational requirements.

Available technologies

Time clock with RFID/NFC badge system

Experience seamless timekeeping with the Clock S badge system. Users can indicate their arrival with a simple button press and authenticate using a personalized RFID/NFC badge.

Additionally, two customizable buttons allow for the execution of specific actions such as starting a break or sending intervention requests.

The Clock S system ensures continuous operation through its connection to an independent public network and offers several years of battery life under typical usage conditions.

Smilio A code clocking

With Smilio A, clocking in is as simple as entering a personal code and arrival direction. The device is designed for longevity, operating multiple years on a single set of batteries.

Secure QR code clocking

With Ubiqod Key, users engage with a QR code that links to a virtual time clock system for secure clock-in procedures. The QR code updates regularly to ensure security against potential fraud.

This dynamic QR technology allows the development of customized clocking interfaces on the Skiply Ubiqod platform, or can integrate seamlessly with existing systems, enhancing security and convenience.

Clock R automatic clocking detection

Enhance workplace efficiency with Clock R, which automatically detects users on-site, ensuring accurate and effortless time tracking without manual check-ins.