Connected time clock

Skiply’s time clocks and badge systems collect work hours or on-site team entries.

Regardless of the chosen device, the data is sent in real-time to your preferred system through our Ubiqod platform: HR software, Payroll, ERP, Microsoft Sharepoint… Keep using your familiar tools!

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for the perfect badge system: the best fit is the one that suits your specific needs.

Time clock with RFID/NFC badge system

With the Clock S badge system, users select their arrival direction with a simple button press and then use a personalized badge to identify themselves.

Two additional buttons can be freely configured for functions like break start or intervention requests.

The clock S badge system connects via an independent public network and has battery autonomy that can last for several years based on usage conditions.

Secure QR code clocking

Ubiqod Key, users scan a QR code, then are directed to a virtual badge system to clock in.

The QR code changes at regular intervals to prevent it from being photographed and fraudulently reused later.

Skiply’s Ubiqod platform allows you to create your own clocking interface with advanced identification features, and it’s also possible to redirect users to an existing interface.

Smilio A code clocking

Clocking Users enter their arrival direction and personal code for identification. Works for multiple years on batteries.

Clock R automatic clocking detection

The user is automatically detected when they are on-site, thus avoiding any clocking overshights: discover the Clock R time clock.