Price list for Ubiqod Platform

This price list applies to users of Ubiqod platform using

How it works?

To use the platform, you need credits (Ubiqoins). Each service consumes Ubiqcoins according to this price list.

Prices are indicated per tracker (QR code, IoT…) and per day (QR codes) / year (IoT)*

And get 100 free credits to build your App

Ubiqoin prices

Quantity 1,000 10,000 50,000
Price per Ubiqoin €0.10 €0.05 €0.03
Total price €100 €500 €1,500

You can buy Ubiqoins directly from your Ubiqod account.

Credit consumption per tracker

Standard QR Codes (QOD) / Ubiqod Key

1 Ubiqoin per tracker per day*

If you buy a pack of 50,000 Ubiqoins, one month of usage will cost you less than EUR 1.00 per month.

QR Code Ubiqod

Standard QR codes

pointage mobile avec Ubiqod Key

Secure QR codes
Ubiqod Key

IoT trackers

480 Ubiqoins per tracker per year**


Survey Terminals
Smilio S

960 Ubiqoins per tracker per year**

Pointeuse mobile RFID clock S

NFC Time Clock
Clock S

* Prices are valid for 50 interactions per day. One interaction corresponds to one valid QR code or Ubiqod Key scan. After that, one additionnal Ubiqoin will be consummed every 50 interactions.

Example: if a QR code is scanned 121 times on the same day, 3 Ubiqoins will be consummed for this day.

** Usage limits are depending of the telecommunication network

Ubiqod cloud

Manage your connection to the field:

  • Configure your trackers
  • Manage your assets
  • Connect your trackers to your own IT



The consumption of Ubiqoins for QR codes (QODs) or Ubiqod Key trackers is one credit per day and per active tracker if the total amount of scans does not exceed 50 scans per day.

No, the 100 Ubiqoins are provided to you as a gift to explore all the features of our platform.

Your QODs need 1 Ubiqoin per day to work. If you do not have any Ubiqoin left, your QODs will be automatically stopped. To get your QODs working again, you can buy Ubiqoins here.

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