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Clockify Timesheet Automation

With the Clockify Dispatch for Ubiqod, you can send clock in and clock out data collected with Ubiqod in the field (QR codes, NFC clocks, hand-free clocking, Digital Timesheet, etc.) to Clockify, a time tracking cloud software.

The clockify timesheet will be automatically filled with the Ubiqod data, in real time.

Additionally, the free Clockify App for Ubiqod helps to manage PIN codes, badge lists, and sites directly in the Clockify backend.

Send Data to Clockify Timesheet

To send data to your Clockify account, go to the Dispatch menu, press the +CREATE button, and select Clockify

Select an existing Clockify connection or press the + button to configure one.

The configuration screen is as follow:

Configure Ubiqod dispatch for Clockify

Connection name

Naming the connection can be useful for easily identifying it among multiple Clockify accounts.

Clockify Data region

Select the data region of your Clockify instance. If you don’t remember the region you chose when you created your account, check your Clockify URL ( = worldwide).

If you are using a dedicated subdomain, check the corresponding option and enter your custom subdomain.


Your Clockify API key is available in the profile menu of your account:

Where to find the Clockify API key

Clockify configuration & plans

Activate timesheet

You need to activate the Timesheet in the Clockify settings.

Add Time for Other

By default, when you are using you clockify api key, the system will clock in and out for yourself only.

If you want to add time for your employees, you need the “Add Time for Other” feature, accessible from the Basic Plan of Clockify.

Use Clockify Timesheet App for Ubiqod

The Clockify App for Ubiqod will help you match sites with tags (useful for reporting), PIN codes, and badge lists with users.

Install the Clockify Timesheet App

To install the App:

– Click on the puzzle icon in the top right of your Clockify backend.

– Browse Marketplace.

– Search for Ubiqod.

– Click on the Install button and follow the instructions:

Install the clockify App for Ubiqod

Refresh your page

Now, you should see Ubiqod in the Add-ons left menu.

Link your Ubiqod Account

In Clockify, in the Add-ons tab of the setting menu, click on the 3 vertical points and select settings.

Enter your Ubiqod API key. Optionally, you can link a PIN codes or badge lists.

Now you can make associations between Ubiqod sites and Clockify tags, or between PIN codes, badges and employees.