Don’t miss the hand free clock-in revolution

The Smilio A wireless connected buttons already allow field teams to signal their presence on site. The Clock R goes further, offering a solution that limits the risk of human error.

Principle of the Clock R

A receiver is placed in the premises. It’s connected to an autonomous telecommunication network (no need to connect it to wifi for example).

Any person wearing a transmitter badge (like on a key ring) triggers a notification when arriving and leaving the site.

Unique benefits

  • Limitation of human errors (forgetfulness, double clocking…)
  • Immediate adoption by field agents
  • No action by staff
  • Plug and play installation with visual indicator
  • Autonomous badge 3 years on batteries and waterproof IP67
  • Monitoring of the site and stakeholders
  • Wide network coverage (4G extended)

Content of the pack

Pack of the hand free clock-in

Privacy isn’t an option

The Clock R doesn’t rely on user’s GPS location to function. Presence is only detected if they’re wearing the transmitter badge and are on the equipped business premises.

Our system works without a smartphone or App, avoiding any suspicion of tracking: it respects the privacy of employees.

Software solution

Integrations with your own tools

A solution allowing you to work in complete autonomy.

If you’re equipped with connected buttons, QR codes or connected wireless RFID time clock terminal, the data from the Clock R will integrate natively into your system.