QR code satisfaction survey

Stop being afraid to listen to your customers

Skiply’s survey terminals allow you to collect thousands of customer opinions to evaluate the quality of your services.

With QR code surveys and satisfaction polls, go further with users who are interested.

Find out the reason for any dissatisfaction, without fearing for your reputation, as negative comments are visible only to you.

Are they satisfied? It’s time to let them express themselves on social networks.

With Ubiqod platform, set up free customer surveys, for an unlimited number of QR codes. The paid version offers additional features, such as smart redirection (see below), to present different contents according to the level of satisfaction of the users.

After creating your account, go to the “Interfaces” menu then press the “Create” button and click on “Feedback”.
If you encounter any problems, please use the “support” button on the platform.

Scan the QR code to test it live!

How do QR code satisfaction surveys work?

The principle: ask a simple question at each strategic stage of the customer journey: for example, on leaving a car maintenance workshop: “What did you think of the quality of the service? “. The rating system is based on web reviews (Trip Advisor, Google Maps, etc.).

You receive the content of the review by email. The customer can then be redirected to a page according to the rating left. You can also consult the statistics on the use of your QR code (number of scans / number of reviews left).

QR code customer survey

Client-side: fast, non-intrusive and responsive

  1. The customer scans a code on a poster
  2. The customer selects the number of stars they give to the quality of the service
  3. If they give less than 5 stars, they can write a comment that you alone can read, and leave their email address if they wish to receive a reply.
  4. If they give 5 stars, they are redirected… why not to your Facebook review page? Only send satisfied customers to public review pages!

Administrator side: ready to use in just 2 clicks

  1. Select a site. For example: “Bordeaux shop”.
  2. Name your survey point. For example: “Exit without purchase”.
  3. Click on add: it’s ready!

You can activate the behavioral redirection functions during creation or later.

Improve your online reputation and sales

The QR code satisfaction survey system redirects users according to the score they give to your service. You can then direct them to the most appropriate action based on this score.

  • An unhappy customer? Suggest that they leave a message and be contacted, then redirect them to a page containing a discount coupon, for example.
  • A satisfied customer? Don’t make them waste time writing a review on the form, invite them to have it said on a public page, for example by leaving a review on your Facebook page.

The form protects you from negative public reviews.

Custom redirection for unhappy customers

After creating your account, go to the “Interfaces” menu then press the “Create” button and click on “Feedback”.
If you encounter any problems, please don`t hesitate to contact us via the “support” button on the platform.

Why QR code?

Although it has been in existence since 1994, the QR code has been slow to catch on with the general public. Now, it is everywhere: for payment, to obtain a menu in a restaurant, and even for health certificates.

Smartphone manufacturers have understood this, and all integrate QR code readers into their devices. Customers with older models can easily install an app to scan the codes.