Mobile check-in connected to your HRIS

Enable real-time tracking of all your employees and suppliers, even in the field or at clients’ facilities.

Mobile check-in connected to your HRIS


Connect your field teams to your HRIS in real time

With the flexibility of work, manual timesheets and traditional collection methods are no longer suitable. Skiply offers you a range of solutions that make automating mobile check-in easier and more effective.

Ubiqod Key, QR code sécurisé

Patented rotating QR code to check-in without App with a personal or professional smartphone.

Pointeuse mobile RFID clock S

A simple badge swipe is enough, even on sites where you do not have access to the computer network.

Innovative clocking in system


The worker do not have to do an action, the innovation detects by itself the arrival and the departure of the site.

Cloud platform

A single platform, accessible 24 hours a day on the web with which you can :

  • Send your data toward your own managing tools (HRIS, SharePoint, Excel…).
  • Track your time clocks’ pool and secured QR code

Dashboard Ubiqod

Skiply timesheet

Proven simplicity

With Skiply, retrieving check-in information from the field is simple and quick.

Not convinced yet?

We can put in place a test on the field in a few days, with a visualization of the data in Google Sheets™ in real time.

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