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They use Ubiqod to connect their teams


Create customized solutions

With Ubiqod, easily configure your Skiply objects and QR codes to track the activity of your employees, subcontractors and partners.

One platform. Several uses.

With Ubiqod, automate the recording of work and intervention times; develop on-demand services; monitor the use of your equipment; collect your customers’ feedback.

Facility Management


Ensure that services are delivered on time and develop on-demand services.



Facilitate the time recording of your employees, whether in your companies or at your customers’ premises.



Collect feedback from your customers and redirect them to where you want them to go based on the rating.



Ensure the safety of your customers and your premises by tracking the passage of your agents and guards.

Smart building


Reassure your users by listening to their needs and promoting the last cleaning schedule.


Connected to your own tools

Ubiqod has various connectors that facilitate integration with other tools or platforms, giving you greater flexibility and allowing you to customize your workflow.

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Test with the Skiply turnkey solution

In an effort to give you an idea of the effectiveness of our solutions, we are offering you the opportunity to test our Google Sheets™ add-on with Skiply Timesheet for free.
This simple solution will allow you to automatically retrieve and format your employees’ time and service requests, allowing you to better assess the benefits our solutions can provide.

Skiply timesheet

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“Ubiqod enables me to manage my employees in my restaurant. The platform suits me perfectly, it is easy to use, intuitive and efficient. It saves me a lot of time.”

Charles-Henri L, Le Cercle de l’Union, France

“Ubiqod is helping us improving efficiency, monitoring the progress of our projects through different manufacturing processes.”

Maroc D., Civardi, Australia

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