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Skiply provides a range of services to airports worldwide.

From France to Japan, we help airport platforms:

  • Improve passenger satisfaction
  • Optimize their comfort

Discover our private LoRaWAN network solutions for airports.


Skiply Equips Zurich Airport with its Partner Microshare

For airports, the cleanliness and maintenance of restrooms are among the most important aspects for passengers. In a context of international competition, it is therefore essential for airport platforms to equip themselves with the most efficient tools to provide the best possible service in this area. That’s why Zurich Airport has chosen Microshare’s EverSmart suite Clean solution. Anticipating Problems By combining data from multiple sensors, Microshare’s software is capable of managing cleanliness and maintenance interventions. This can involve corrective requests, for example when several users report the same problem in a restroom, or preventive requests, based on the frequency of […]

Introducing Clock E: The Digital Timesheet with a Wooden Touch

The digital sign-in sheet Smilio E from Skiply has been equipping numerous restrooms worldwide for years. Now, with the digital timesheet Clock E, professionals in cleanliness and facility management will benefit from an improved and ever more efficient terminal. Wireless and low energy Thanks to low energy technologies, the digital timesheet can operate on batteries for years. Eco-Responsible Design True to our French Alps origins, we chose to make the body of the timekeeping terminal from Beech wood sourced from European forests. The front panel is made from “compact,” derived from the recycling of wood chips. RFID Badge Reader From […]

Skiply redefines the passenger experience at Lyon Airport

In June, Skiply carried out the installation of a new real-time passenger experience monitoring system at Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport. The 82 terminals, located in restrooms, PIF (Passenger Filtration Filtration) areas, and shops in terminals 2, replaced the outdated smiley-based system that no longer met the airport’s expectations. Measuring customer satisfaction but not only… In addition to the visually appealing design of the new terminals, fully customized in Vinci Airport’s colors, several major improvements have been implemented. Thanks to user’s votes, the airport maintenance and cleaning teams can be informed in real-time if an issue arises. This replaces the “red” […]

Skiply has become a sponsor of Chirpstack, the LoRaWAN Open Source network core

LoRaWAN®, the ecological and economical connectivity Over the past several years, wireless connectivity technologies for objects have proliferated. While WIFI and Bluetooth are still relevant for domestic use, they cannot meet the needs of professionals who must manage pools of several thousand objects in a reliable and secure way. For this, there are 2 major categories of networks: Cellular networks and their low-power derivates such as LTE-M or NB-IoT. Networks called Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) Each category has its advantages and drawbacks (Skiply also offers LTE-M solutions, particularly with the Clock R) Among LPWAN networks, LoRaWAN® offers several […]

Already 1 million votes collected at Kansai airports in Japan

Since 2019, Skiply has been equipping Kansai airports in Japan, including Osaka International Airport. And already 1 million passenger feedback has been collected thanks to Smilio satisfaction kiosks. For this project, Smilio A terminals were chosen, a choice assumed by the customer for the device’s compatibility. And that did not seem to slow down the passengers, who voted massively on the terminals. Several hundred kiosks have been installed by our local partner Sojitz, and kiosk communication is provided by the Sigfox network. Equipped airports have been cited many times as benchmarks in terms of passenger satisfaction. Further proof that the […]

Vinci Airports Nantes Atlantique

Never change a winning team! Over 3 years ago, Skiply supported Vinci Airports in the real-time monitoring of passenger satisfaction. A great opportunity to unveil, live from Nantes Atlantique airport, our new Smilio S terminals! A new, customisable design and optimised performance, but still the same reliability!