Real-time activity tracking with Ubiqod

Ubiqod is the name of our platform that enables real-time tracking of your employees’ activity on the field through connected devices and secure QR codes. This solution has applications in numerous fields such as security, healthcare, and facility management.

Our platform is constantly evolving and continues to grow. We frequently offers you new updates to always provide you with a better user experience.


Ubiqod is Now Natively Available on, formerly known as Integromat, has become a benchmark in the No Code productivity software world in just a few years. It enables individuals without a computer science background to create automated scenarios connecting multiple cloud tools. With the new Ubiqod App for, it is now very easy to connect Skiply’s buttons, time clocks, and QR codes to any cloud system that has a connector. This can include CMMS like MaintainX, project management software like Asana, or time tracking tools like Clockify. Using can allow for the development of a proof of concept in just a few […]

The Ubiqod API is Available for All Users

The Ubiqod platform, developed by Skiply, is revolutionizing the connection of field workers by leveraging advanced technologies such as QR codes, NFC and Bluetooth time clocks, as well as connected terminals. This solution is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the software already used by companies, thus offering a smooth gateway for the transfer of collected data to third-party systems. With the introduction of the Ubiqod API, the customization and configuration of sites, trackers, as well as lists of badges or PIN codes become programmatically possible, paving the way for increased flexibility and adaptability. This major advancement allows for automated […]

Ubiqod Platform Updates with the New “Mauritius” Version

The Ubiqod platform evolves with this new “Mauritius” version. This latest update brings numerous interface improvements, new filtering features, and introduces a native connector to Big Query, the cloud Data Warehouse offered by Google. Data Filtering For each connector, it is now possible to add conditions that will trigger the data transmission. Three criteria are available: Geolocation/geofencing: This option allows sending data based on the GPS position of the user’s smartphone (applicable only to QR codes and Ubiqod Key when the geolocation option is enabled). For instance, it’s possible to send data only when the user is within a specific […]

Updates on the Ubiqod platform

The 0.4 version of the Ubiqod platform is now available and deployed for all users. This version brings many developments and features. New features Identification using the user’s phone : The Ubiqod platform allows for identifying people who are intervening in the field. Several methods make this possible: Entering a code on a mobile interface or a wireless terminal such as Smilio A Passing or detecting a badge on a mobile time clock such as Clock R / Clock S Systematic scanning of a personal QR code on the mobile interface Now, the administrator can activate the saving of the […]

What’s new on the Ubiqod platform

In 2022, Skiply launched a new Ubiqod platform allowing users to follow field staff activity with connected devices and secured QR codes. Ubiqod provides a way to send data from the field to any existing system. This new platform ( will replace gradually the former one ( What’s new in 0.3 release? The dashboard was reworked for better lisibility and styling: New trackers counters New map to visualize your sites’ position Updated recent activities table to be clearer and to use input logs We added support for Smilio S and Smilio E in the platform, and the Skiply devices can […]

Zapier IoT: connect your devices to your favorite apps at scale

In IoT projects, integration is the key to success. With the new official Ubiqod Integration for Zapier, the owner of Smilio IoT buttons can use their data themselves, without an intermediary. 3,000+ apps are available to automate your work and build the value chain of your dreams. What is Zapier? Zapier is a no-code tool that helps non-developers to connect applications without writing a single line of code. With Zapier, you can send emails, store data into Airtable or Google Sheet, send SMS or post a message automatically to Slack. Possibilities are endless. How it works? Zapier will receive the […]

Certified Connector available for Microsoft Power Automate

We are very happy to announce that you can now connect your Skiply devices directly to your Microsoft environment. The certified Power Automate connector for Ubiqod platform is available to all users in the world. Official documentation can be found here: You don’t need to do shadow IT or to set up a complex IoT platform to start building the App of your dream. In 10 minutes, you will be able to use the data from your connected buttons to create value on the field with Power BI, Sharepoint, Excel online, Power Apps… On-demand services, traceability, customer experience… you […]