Skiply Tracking : Add-on for Google Sheets

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QR code check-in for front line workers

Skiply offers an affordable solution to track remote field employees by QR code. It is suitable for cleaning, maintenance, security or facility management companies…

The tracking App is based on Google Sheets to visualize and organize data. You can monitor the status of sites in real time and perform cold analysis with Pivot Tables. It works with both the free and paid version of Google’s connected spreadsheet.

The Skiply Tracking Add-on for Google Sheets is free, and the Ubiqod platform offers 3 free sites for check-in by QR code.

The system is compatible with classic QR codes, Ubiqod Key and even Skiply connected buttons.

Features of the Google Sheets Tracking App

  • Real time visualisation of on-sites passages
  • Calculation of time spent on each site
  • Identification of employee or supplier by PIN code
  • Geolocation and geofencing
  • Management of service requests
  • All the features of Google Sheets:
    • Change Tracking and versioning
    • Sharing options
    • Pivot Tables

How It Works?

Test the Google Sheets App as if you were there: scan one of the QR codes and see the result in real time

by clicking here
(Requests or Timesheet Tabs)

No specific App required on the user’s smartphone.

Use the employee codes in the “Employee” Tab to test the identification.

This QR code is situated in the Skiply’s office in Aix-Les-Bains:


tracking QR code with geofencing


This QR code is protected by geofencing: if you are not on site, the “Validation” column of the Log Tab will be filled with 0. Geofencing feature request user authorization on screen.

This QR code is situated in the Skiply’s office in Le Châtelard:


check-in with QR code


This QR code is not protected by geofencing. The App won’t ask for a geolocation authorisation to the user. You can also make the proof of presence with the secured QR code Ubiqod Key.

Ubiqod offers 100 free credits per month.

You can test the operation with connected buttons using the button simulator.