As most of websites in the world, the website uses a system enabling to count the number of visitors and to collect information such as geographic origin, source, etc. 

Bad luck for us, we use a tool (the most commonly used in the world) which does not respect CNIL privacy: Google Analytics. 

We therefore have an obligation to propose you a way to remove any cookie from our website.

Here is how you can do it successfully depending on your browser:

For Internet Explorer™ :


ForSafari™ :


For Chrome™ :


For Firefox™ :


For Opera™ :

This procedure won't prevent you from visiting our website but it will slightly depress the user experience. 

On other websites however, you might face some difficulties if your cookies are blocked.

Another very important point if you do not wish to be traced: a cookie might have been placed on your computer at the moment of your visit, before the blocking. You have the possibility to delete it. It is named _ga on the website

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