How does Skiply contribute to the struggle against Covid-19 ?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the major issue was to limit the spread of the virus in heavily frequented places. Skiply proposed innovative solutions to address this challenge. Thanks to our tracking solutions for the passages of agents, transportation companies could limit the risks of virus transmission and so meet the expectations of users and drivers.

Still today, we offer appropriate solutions to the specific needs of places welcoming the public for an optimum safety and a quality customer experience. Our solutions are in position to answer the most important issues concerning public health. They have enabled for a confident resumption of economic activities.


COVID solution: traceability of disinfection for public transportation

Traceability of cleaning and disinfection services in COVID times: a key issue To overcome the health crisis we are going through, traceability is key. Traceability is not only for people. More than ever, monitoring cleaning and disinfection services is becoming a decisive issue. This is why Skiply brings to the market a traceability solution adapted to goods, easy to use and universal, based on the Work OS It will be offered in particular to monitor the disinfection of buses and public places, and can be deployed in a few weeks in all companies and places. A clear and operational […]