LoRaWan Network

Skiply has been using LoRaWan technology since 2016.

We equip hundreds of shopping centers and airports with this low-power, long-range technology.

Now a partner of the open-source network Chirpstack, Skiply offers services to help you deploy private LoRaWan networks connected to your IT (BMS, EMS, ERP, IoT platform…)


LoRaWAN® and Sigfox networks continue to expand

Netmore extends its LoRaWAN network in France Swedish operator Netmore is entering the French market with its LoRaWAN® network, adding to the already high performing offering provided by our partner Orange. What does this mean for the IoT world and for Skiply ? 1- The entry of Netmore stimulates competition among operators, compelling them to deliver increasingly innovative and high-performing services. 2- Widely recognized for its extensive reach and remarkable energy efficiency, the LoRaWAN® network is extensively used for connectivity across IoT devices.   A new era for Sigfox After navigating through challenging times, Sigfox, a trailblazer in 0G technology, […]

Skiply has become a sponsor of Chirpstack, the LoRaWAN Open Source network core

LoRaWAN®, the ecological and economical connectivity Over the past several years, wireless connectivity technologies for objects have proliferated. While WIFI and Bluetooth are still relevant for domestic use, they cannot meet the needs of professionals who must manage pools of several thousand objects in a reliable and secure way. For this, there are 2 major categories of networks: Cellular networks and their low-power derivates such as LTE-M or NB-IoT. Networks called Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) Each category has its advantages and drawbacks (Skiply also offers LTE-M solutions, particularly with the Clock R) Among LPWAN networks, LoRaWAN® offers several […]

Happy to be a Helium partner!

Collecting customer feedback can be as easy as pressing a button with Skiply The goal of the Skiply connected buttons is to ask less with more relevant questions. Our smiley kiosks offer you to have: Real-time monitoring, Very accurate informations, Real-time alerts, More votes than other solutions. Smilio terminals enable “on-the-spot” evaluation of the satisfaction of all your audiences. Reap the benefits that feedback offers you: +20% satisfaction, +15% revenue, -20% costs. We are now partner of the Helium Network Check out our interview to learn all about Skiply. Discover the Helium special offer to improve your customer’s experience Start […]