Traceability of services

Skiply offers traceability solutions for various applications, ranging from proof of presence to satisfaction survey management. This traceability is particularly useful in the cleaning industry as it allows tracking of cleaning services and ensures a consistent level of quality. Skiply’s traceability solutions have proven their effectiveness in many industries, including public transportation, shopping centers, and cleaning companies.


Introducing Clock E: The Digital Timesheet with a Wooden Touch

The digital sign-in sheet Smilio E from Skiply has been equipping numerous restrooms worldwide for years. Now, with the digital timesheet Clock E, professionals in cleanliness and facility management will benefit from an improved and ever more efficient terminal. Wireless and low energy Thanks to low energy technologies, the digital timesheet can operate on batteries for years. Eco-Responsible Design True to our French Alps origins, we chose to make the body of the timekeeping terminal from Beech wood sourced from European forests. The front panel is made from “compact,” derived from the recycling of wood chips. RFID Badge Reader From […]

Connected buttons for Helium network

The Skiply range of connected buttons and terminals has been successfully tested on the Helium network. Every business in the world can now benefit from the advantages of these award-winning devices for: Field worker time clocking On demand services (Facility Management, hotels…) Satisfaction surveys in shopping centres, training centres, hospitals and clinics And much more. Wireless for years on Helium network Thanks to LoRaWAN technology, Skiply buttons are able to operate wirelessly for up to 6 years. The batteries are replaceable (size AA). Used for years on many LoRaWAN networks around the world, Smilio A and Smilio S devices have […]

COVID solution: traceability of disinfection for public transportation

Traceability of cleaning and disinfection services in COVID times: a key issue To overcome the health crisis we are going through, traceability is key. Traceability is not only for people. More than ever, monitoring cleaning and disinfection services is becoming a decisive issue. This is why Skiply brings to the market a traceability solution adapted to goods, easy to use and universal, based on the Work OS It will be offered in particular to monitor the disinfection of buses and public places, and can be deployed in a few weeks in all companies and places. A clear and operational […]