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How to Leverage for On-Site Attendance Tracking

In a groundbreaking tutorial released today, experts have unveiled a novel approach to managing field service activities using the popular Work OS, This comprehensive guide introduces a seamless integration with the Ubiqod platform by Skiply, transforming into a dynamic tool for real-time on-site attendance tracking., renowned for its versatility and user-friendly interface, serves as a central hub for office task management, project follow-ups, and planning. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for a wide array of business applications beyond the conventional office setting. The tutorial showcases how, when paired with Skiply’s Ubiqod platform, extends its […]

Ubiqod: Discover What’s New in Version 1.3!

The Ubiqod platform is now updated to version 1.3. This version is available to all users without any action required on their part. It brings several new features, in addition to some ergonomic and performance improvements. Refactoring of the Web App builder Combined with QR code-type trackers, the interfaces enable the creation of genuine mobile Web Apps for your field users. The ergonomics of this application generator have been revised to allow for a better grasp and handling of the system: New authentication modes For digital input-based identification, it is now possible to customize the text prompting the user to […]

Management automation

Excel spreadsheets (along with the Blackberry) were probably the markers of managers in the 2000s. And now, how many of them spend longer on reporting and administrative tasks than they do engaging with their teams? Although there are many technological solutions available, they have not succeeded in reversing the trend, quite the opposite. Sometimes, these solutions have themselves become time-consuming tasks for the modern manager. CRM and ERP are the best examples. To the extent that start-ups like Zapier, whose aim it is to automate IT tasks between heterogeneous systems, are exploding, and rightfully so. But although automation was a competitive […]

Microsoft partnership

More than ever before, we are preparing for the future! We are happy to announce that Skiply has just entered the Microsoft for Startups programme! We are, of course, counting on this technological and business partnership to get our business moving and support innovation in the key sectors of our economy: retail, transport, services, healthcare, energy, etc. Our interfaces allow you to constantly listen to people in the field, customers, employees, subcontractors, who have useful information to give you. Customer opinions, proof of presence, job requests, callbacks, reporting of problems, etc. All this data is projected in a few seconds […]