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Geolocation in Google Sheets: how to display user position?

Geolocation in Ubiqod

Geolocation data is transmitted to connectors under two specific circumstances:

– With the utilization of IoT devices linked to a site, where the geographical coordinates of the site are relayed.

– Through the use of a QR code-based tracking with geolocation functionality enabled, resulting in the transmission of the user’s geographical coordinates (from smartphone).

When using the Google Sheets connector, you can create a direct link to Google maps using this field.

How to convert GPS location into a Google Maps link?

Once you’ve configured your Google connector and assigned the user’s location to a specific column, the GPS coordinates will be transmitted in the format: 45.5615911,5.9230963.

Geolocation with Google Maps in Google Sheets

To create a direct link that points to the location on Google Maps, utilize the following formula in your spreadsheet:


After adjusting the formula with the correct column letters and starting row number for your GPS coordinates, enter or paste this formula into the cell where you want the Google Maps link to appear.

To apply this formula to the entire column and create links for all your GPS coordinates, drag the formula down from the corner of the cell to the last row of your data. This action will automatically adjust the formula for each row, pointing to the correct GPS coordinates in each case.

By completing these steps, you’ll generate a column of direct links in your spreadsheet, each of which will open the corresponding location in Google Maps when clicked.