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Everything about the connection between Make and Ubiqod to improve activity tracking in the field.


Geolocation in Google Sheets: how to display user position?

Geolocation in Ubiqod Geolocation data is transmitted to connectors under two specific circumstances: – With the utilization of IoT devices linked to a site, where the geographical coordinates of the site are relayed. – Through the use of a QR code-based tracking with geolocation functionality enabled, resulting in the transmission of the user’s geographical coordinates (from smartphone). When using the Google Sheets connector, you can create a direct link to Google maps using this field. How to convert GPS location into a Google Maps link? Once you’ve configured your Google connector and assigned the user’s location to a specific column, […]

How to Display Photos Taken Through Ubiqod?

When used with simple QR codes or secured QR codes through Ubiqod Key, the Ubiqod platform enables photo capture. This functionality is useful for numerous use cases, including: Images that clarify the nature of an incident in case of problem reporting Random verification of a participant’s identity (this case is subject to the laws of your country) Photo Format The photos are sent in jpg format, encoded in base64 text. To display an image from this text, you will need to use this text and apply transformations. Utilization with Google Sheets Sending the photo to a cell If you are […]

Google Timesheet with Ubiqod

Effortlessly Track Time with Google Timesheet Track employee time with a Google Timesheet is a seamless process that takes less than 5 minutes. If you’re ready to jumpstart your experience with Ubiqod and Google Timesheet, follow this detailed tutorial to get started. For an enhanced experience, consider exploring the Skiply Timesheet App for Google Workplace. This app offers a comprehensive solution for free, although it may require a bit more effort to configure for those new to the platform. It contains a timesheet template that is suitable for most use cases. Google Timesheet for deskless workers This guide provides a […]

Ubiqod Dispatches

What is a dispatch? When a user presses a connected button, scans a badge, or submits a form after scanning a QR code, the data can be transmitted in real-time to third-party systems (except for redirection interfaces). With our “Dispatch” feature, you have the flexibility to determine the destination of your data. There are two types of dispatches available: Generic Dispatch: This can be connected to any system that accepts webhooks. Standard Connectors: These are pre-configured to send data to specific systems. Generic Dispatch (webhooks) With webhooks, you can send data to any system that accepts webhooks. If you are […]

Free Employee Tracking App using Google Sheets

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a QR code check-in system for staff using the Ubiqod platform and The Free Employee Tracking App “Skiply Timesheet”. If you want to give a quick try, you may start wih the Google Timesheet tutorial. This tutorial is applicable to standard QR Codes (generated directly by the platform) and Ubiqod Key (sold separately). You can also apply the same process to use the App with wireless RFID reader like Clock S or Smilio A. You can also use the kiosk mode. Worker experience for clock in/out By the end of […]