Smilio S: Customer Feedback Terminal

Smilio S is a connected customer feedback terminal that allows interaction with users through a simple button press.

The Smilio S terminals are primarily known for real-time customer satisfaction flash surveys, but they are also used in the industry to trigger service requests.

The Smilio S terminals are compatible with the Ubiqod platform, thus enabling the transmission of data to any third-party computer system.


Ubiqod: replay missed IoT data

Wireless connected objects communicate using various radio protocols. Occasionally, data might get lost due to unforeseen incidents. By activating the Replay the missed data option, missed data detected by Ubiqod will be replayed and sent before transmitting the current data. How to activate this option? In the GENERAL OPTIONS of the Dispatch, check the option Replay the missed data. Compatible devices The following Skiply products possess the capability to identify and resend the last missed data to the dispatch: Smilio A (code mode) Clock S (LoRaWAN only) Smilio S (code mode)

Adding your connected device (IoT) to your Ubiqod account

This tutorial applies to every compatible connected device: Smilio A, Smilio S, Clock ST, Clock S, Smilio E, Clock R. When you order a Skiply connected device, you have to add it to your Ubiqod account before being able to use it on the platform. In the Ubiqod platform, go to the Trackers menu. In the IOT tab, click on the + IOT button. You should see this screen: When you buy a compatible device, Skiply sends you the order information by email. Check your spam folder if you didn’t receive it! Leave all the available options unchecked. Click on […]

What is the Sigfox End Product Certificate of Smilio?

In order to register your connected buttons Smilio Action, Smilio S or Smilio E on the Sigfox Network, you may require to enter the End Product Certificate. It is: P_0056_99E6_01 Please find attached the full certificate: QF_385_Sigfox_Ready_Certificate_SKIPLY_Smilio