Market & Ambition

Since 2015, Skiply has been designing tools to reconnect field workers with corporate information systems.

This recognized expertise allows us today to be at the forefront in the conquest of a global market of 2.7 billion workers.

Our goal: to become the world’s leading cloud platform dedicated to measuring the activity of field teams (time tracking, customer feedback, request and follow-up of interventions, etc.).


Skiply holds 2 international patents and develops its own SaaS software platform, Ubiqod, in-house. This platform is already connected to third-party tools such as Microsoft’s Power Automate or Google’s Google Sheets.

We also have a deep understanding of embedded software to connect devices of all brands, including ours, to the platform.

We are experts in low-consumption radio telecommunication technologies, which allows us to propose disruptive technological alternatives with high added value.

Executive Team

The development of a technology startup is a daily battle to aim for excellence and impose innovations that disrupt established habits. Skiply’s executive team has managed to weather difficult challenges while maintaining direction and combining our ambitions with operational rigor.

In 2022, Skiply became profitable and exports 60% of its production.

Sébastien Moulis, Skiply

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