Skiply Equips Zurich Airport with its Partner Microshare

For airports, the cleanliness and maintenance of restrooms are among the most important aspects for passengers. In a context of international competition, it is therefore essential for airport platforms to equip themselves with the most efficient tools to provide the best possible service in this area. That’s why Zurich Airport has chosen Microshare’s EverSmart suite Clean solution. Anticipating Problems By combining data from multiple sensors, Microshare’s software is capable of managing cleanliness and maintenance interventions. This can involve corrective requests, for example when several users report the same problem in a restroom, or preventive requests, based on the frequency of […]

Electronic Timesheet with Eco-Friendly Innovation: meet Clock E

From Paper to Electronic Timesheet: Evolution in Digital Timekeeping Expanding upon the legacy of the digital sign-in sheet, Smilio E, Skiply introduces digital timesheet Clock E. This innovative electronic timesheet is designed to enhance the operations of professionals in cleanliness and facility management by providing a more effective and efficient terminal for everyday use. Efficient and Long-Lasting Wireless Operation Powered by low-energy technology, Clock E operates for years on replaceable batteries, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted service. This feature is crucial in professional settings where consistent and accurate timekeeping is essential. Eco-Friendly Design Inspired by Nature Reflecting our roots in the […]

Ubiqod Platform Updates with the New “Mauritius” Version

The Ubiqod platform evolves with this new “Mauritius” version. This latest update brings numerous interface improvements, new filtering features, and introduces a native connector to Big Query, the cloud Data Warehouse offered by Google. Data Filtering For each connector, it is now possible to add conditions that will trigger the data transmission. Three criteria are available: Geolocation/geofencing: This option allows sending data based on the GPS position of the user’s smartphone (applicable only to QR codes and Ubiqod Key when the geolocation option is enabled). For instance, it’s possible to send data only when the user is within a specific […]

Skiply redefines the passenger experience at Lyon Airport

In June, Skiply carried out the installation of a new real-time passenger experience monitoring system at Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport. The 82 terminals, located in restrooms, PIF (Passenger Filtration Filtration) areas, and shops in terminals 2, replaced the outdated smiley-based system that no longer met the airport’s expectations. Measuring customer satisfaction but not only… In addition to the visually appealing design of the new terminals, fully customized in Vinci Airport’s colors, several major improvements have been implemented. Thanks to user’s votes, the airport maintenance and cleaning teams can be informed in real-time if an issue arises. This replaces the “red” […]

LoRaWAN® and Sigfox networks continue to expand

Netmore extends its LoRaWAN network in France Swedish operator Netmore is entering the French market with its LoRaWAN® network, adding to the already high performing offering provided by our partner Orange. What does this mean for the IoT world and for Skiply ? 1- The entry of Netmore stimulates competition among operators, compelling them to deliver increasingly innovative and high-performing services. 2- Widely recognized for its extensive reach and remarkable energy efficiency, the LoRaWAN® network is extensively used for connectivity across IoT devices.   A new era for Sigfox After navigating through challenging times, Sigfox, a trailblazer in 0G technology, […]

New time clock Clock S available

We are pleased to present the new mobile RFID time clock Clock S, replacing the old Clock ST. This wireless and totally watertight time clock operates without any WiFi connection and enables you to connect to the field without the constraints of on-site connectivity. Thanks to its multi-year battery life and its independent telecoms network, the Clock S can be used both indoors and outdoors including for site clocking. In addition to the Arrival and Departure buttons, you can add two additional buttons for customized functionalities according to your needs (service requests, reporting a problem…) Coupled with the Ubiqod platform, […]

Organizational changes at Skiply

We are pleased to announce the nomination of Mickaël Koenigsberg to the Sales Director position. After 5 years in the operation direction, Mickaël has developed an in-depth understanding of our customer’s expectations. His exceptional interpersonal skills will enable him to strengthen partnerships and drive business growth domestically and internationally. “For 5 years I have been accompanying our clients in the preparation and implementation of their projects as Operations Director. To meet these challenges, we put in place, with our teams an ecosystem enabling us to be responsive and to meet all needs. Now it’s time for me to deliver this […]

Updates on the Ubiqod platform

The 0.4 version of the Ubiqod platform is now available and deployed for all users. This version brings many developments and features. New features Identification using the user’s phone : The Ubiqod platform allows for identifying people who are intervening in the field. Several methods make this possible: Entering a code on a mobile interface or a wireless terminal such as Smilio A Passing or detecting a badge on a mobile time clock such as Clock R / Clock S Systematic scanning of a personal QR code on the mobile interface Now, the administrator can activate the saving of the […]

International Zero Waste Day : Let’s talk production

“We prioritize local production, even in a highly competitive and technological fields as ours.”   On the occasion of the International Zero Waste Day, we asked Christophe, head of production service at Skiply, his point of view on the subject. Manon: Christophe, can you explain to us how and where the devices are made?  Christophe: “All plastic casings are manufactured either in Roquemaure in the Gard department for Smilio A, or in the Savoy region for Smilio S and Ubiqod Key. The electronic cards are made in Savoie and Haute-Savoie. The only things we have produced outside France are the […]