Private LoRaWAN® networks

LoRaWAN® networks

Build your own low-power, long-range telecommunication network

They delegate the management of their private LoRaWAN® network

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LoRaWAN chirpstack

Become your own LoRaWAN® operator

Skiply offers a turnkey solution to build, manage and maintain your own private LoRaWAN® telecommunication network in a centralized way.

This way, you will be independent of any third-party operator or sensor suppliers.

Case study : connected airport 

Skiply relies on the Open Source Chirpstack solution, ensuring the longevity of your private LoRaWAN® network.

Whether you are hosted on a private tenant (on cloud), or on a dedicated instance (on premise), you retain ownership of your data, and you can migrate your sensors freely whenever you wish.

LoRaWAN® is a registered trademark of SEMTECH corporation