Eco-responsibility is making its way to Skiply

Skiply is commited to an eco-reponsible approach and implements CSR measures to preserve the environment. We now offer a range of refurbished products, allowing the reuse of functional devices that would otherwise be discared. This initiative not only helps reduce wastes but also provides affordable and accessible products for everyone.

Internally, steps are taken to minimize wastes, particularly in the production process. CSR is a priority for Skiply, which is dedicated to exploring new ways to reduce its environmental footprint and promote a circular and sustainable economy.


International Zero Waste Day : Let’s talk production

“We prioritize local production, even in a highly competitive and technological fields as ours.”   On the occasion of the International Zero Waste Day, we asked Christophe, head of production service at Skiply, his point of view on the subject. Manon: Christophe, can you explain to us how and where the devices are made?  Christophe: “All plastic casings are manufactured either in Roquemaure in the Gard department for Smilio A, or in the Savoy region for Smilio S and Ubiqod Key. The electronic cards are made in Savoie and Haute-Savoie. The only things we have produced outside France are the […]

The second life of the Smilio terminals

The first life of the Smilio A: Since 2016, Skiply has been helping the facility managers and cleaning companies to manage field operations, whether it is to prove the passage of an agent on site or to automate service requests. Our clients often ask us to customize the terminals with their own clients’ colors. However, cleaning contracts often have a shorter duration than the lifespan of Smilio devices, and our clients may end up with devices that display the branding of a client they no longer have. The second life of the Smilio A: What can be done with these […]