Service tracking with

Skiply offers clients a solution for tracking services using its connected boxes and the platform, allowing real-time monitoring of tasks with total transparency on tasks performed and work hours.

The platform is connected to the Smilio boxes and provides clear and intuitive data visualization. Our clients can access customizable dashboards to track task progress in real-time and have a global view of the cleanliness of their premises.


New in Ubiqod: connector and QR code App

Connect your field data to We are happy to announce that the new Ubiqod connector for is now live on our platform! This feature enables the seamless transmission of data from QR codes, NFC tags, and connected devices directly to your boards. With this integration, users can transform their Work OS into a dynamic real-time activity tracking hub, enhancing field operations and project management efficiency. The Ubiqod dispatch not only simplifies data entry but also unlocks a multitude of possibilities for real-time monitoring and management of assets or employees. Whether you’re tracking inventory, overseeing field operations, or […]

COVID solution: traceability of disinfection for public transportation

Traceability of cleaning and disinfection services in COVID times: a key issue To overcome the health crisis we are going through, traceability is key. Traceability is not only for people. More than ever, monitoring cleaning and disinfection services is becoming a decisive issue. This is why Skiply brings to the market a traceability solution adapted to goods, easy to use and universal, based on the Work OS It will be offered in particular to monitor the disinfection of buses and public places, and can be deployed in a few weeks in all companies and places. A clear and operational […]