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Managing Client Accounts from a Partner Account

Skiply partners can request the activation of a partner account on the Ubiqod platform. This feature allows partners to manage their clients’ credit consumption while still providing an overview of their entire device park.

To benefit from this, you must request the activation of your partner account through Skiply support.

Adding a client to your partner account

After your partner account is activated, you can request to link a client account in order to manage their trackers.

To do this, go to the Partner tab in the account settings: https://app.ubiqod.com/settings#partners

If you do not see this tab, it means that your account has not yet been converted to a partner account (contact support).

When you add a client account, the client must agree to you being a partner, so the approval of this request is subject to the client’s acceptance.

Request to manage trackers

Once your partner account is associated with a client, the client will have the option to delegate the management of all or some of their trackers to you. This management must be validated by you before it becomes effective.

You will receive a validation request via email when your client makes a delegation request.

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