The optimization and automation of waste collection processes, such as dumpster rotation requests and service quality measurement, offer numerous benefits.

Rotation of dumpsters on demand: gain in efficiency!

In many waste disposal facilities, requests for rotation are made by telephone. This method wastes the time of the applicant as well as the receiver, who must be reachable. The risk of error or dispute is also very high.

With the Smilio A terminals, this operation can be fully automated:

  1. The applicant presses the button corresponding to the full bucket.
  2. The receiver receives a text message, an email, or even an automated call, indicating the requested operation and its location.
  3. The request is archived and can be consulted at any time in the cloud, by both the provider and the requester.
  4. As an option, the applicant can validate the request when it has been made, or this validation can be done by the provider on the box (by magnetic key ring).
The Smilio A and Smilio S connected button terminals are totally wireless, and communicate for several years on batteries. No need to have Internet on site, or even a 3 or 4G network. We use special networks available on a large part of the French territory

Measurement of user satisfaction

User feedback is a valuable tool for measuring service quality.

Rather than conducting occasional surveys that require staff to ask questions or distribute paper questionnaires, Skiply offers a simple and automated solution: place a wireless terminal at the entrance or exit of the waste management center.

A 2 question terminal (waiting / service) will allow you to measure in real time. It is also an effective tool to mobilize staff around user satisfaction.

Our expert pack includes the terminal and services for a period of 3 years (renewal at the end of the 3-year period: 9.90 EUR / month)