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How to create the QR code of an item in monday.com (free feature)

Use QR code to track items in the field

Monday.com is a project management tool organized into boards that include various items. Each item is customizable based on user needs. For example, a rental company might use it to manage their vehicle fleet, or a factory might track a manufacturing order.

To expedite item tracking in the field, creating a QR code for each item could be beneficial. Field personnel can then scan the QR code to instantly access the item information on their smartphones.

The Ubiqod App for Monday makes this process straightforward and quick. The app is free, and users don’t need to create an account on the platform if they are only using this feature.

Install the Ubiqod App for monday

Click here:

Add to monday.com

Follow the instructions and complete the authentication process.

Add and configure the item view

Add the QR code item view

Create a new board or use an existing one.

Click on an item label (do not click directly on the text, as it will rename the item). This will open the item view panel on the right of the screen. Click on Add view:

Add item view to display the QR code

In the Item Views Center, search for Ubiqod.

Find “Display item tracking QR code” and click on “Add to item”:

Display item QR code in monday.com

If you have an error message like “Sorry for the inconvenience, we couldn’t create the widget”, don’t worry about that.

Configure the QR code

In the Seetings section of the view, select “Monday.com Item”:

Direct monday.com QR code item

You can configure the QR code size of the item and define if you want to add a white maring.

Right-clic on the QR code to copy it or to download it in your computer.

Scan the QR code to edit or view the item in monday.com

When a user scans the QR code of a monday item, this item will be opened in the monday.com Android or Apple App.

If you are looking for a system where users can interact with the item without having a monday.com account, please read this documentation.

Bonus feature: generate a QR code from any link in your monday board

In the item view configuration, you can also the “Ubiqod Scan URL” tab to transform any link in a link column into a QR code. This feature was made for QR code item tracking with Ubiqod but can be used for this purpose (for free).

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