Everything about the connection between and Ubiqod to improve activity tracking in the field.


How to create the QR code of an item in (free feature)

Use QR code to track items in the field is a project management tool organized into boards that include various items. Each item is customizable based on user needs. For example, a rental company might use it to manage their vehicle fleet, or a factory might track a manufacturing order. To expedite item tracking in the field, creating a QR code for each item could be beneficial. Field personnel can then scan the QR code to instantly access the item information on their smartphones. The Ubiqod App for Monday makes this process straightforward and quick. The app is free, […]
25/04/2024 QR code tracking is a great tool to manage projects. By adding QR code tracking features, you can transform it into an even better field activity tracking tool. With the Ubiqod connector for, you can update a status column, a text column, a URL column, and even geolocation columns… This can be done by your suppliers, workers or even customers. In this tutorial, we will be able to locate the member of the cleaning team in real time accross NYC (you can apply the same method if you need to update a status instead): If you only need to generate a […]