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User management in Ubiqod

What is a user in Ubiqod?

A user in Ubiqod is a person who accesses the Ubiqod management interface with their email address. When a user creates their account, they are automatically linked to an “Account” (corresponding to an affiliated organization) based on the company or organization name entered during registration.

The person who uses QR codes or devices is called the end user: they do not necessarily have an account on the platform.

Are users billed?

You can add as many users as you want. Ubiqod services are billed according to the price list, per tracker, not based on the number of users.

How to add users to an existing account?

To invite a user to join your account, go to the Account menu and then the Team tab:

Team management in Ubiqod

Enter the user’s email, first name, and last name, then click Invite.

Note: If a user has already created their individual account, they cannot be linked to another account through this system.

The user will then receive an invitation email valid for 7 days. They must follow the instructions in this email to validate their account and be linked to the organization.

User rights

All users have identical rights.

Organization alerts

All users of the account can receive account alerts. Each user can individually choose the alerts they wish to receive by going to the Notifications section of the account menu (main tab):

User notifications

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