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What is a dynamic QR code?


A dynamic QR code is a type of QR code whose content can be remotely modified via a management platform, without having to change the printed code itself. This offers considerable flexibility for marketing campaigns, management operations, and other applications where the content linked to the QR code needs to be regularly updated or personalized.

Static vs dynamic QR codes

Is Ubiqod Key a dynamic QR code?

Ubiqod Key from Skiply is often referred to as a dynamic QR code due to its ability to display a QR code that changes at regular intervals, typically every 10 minutes. This regular change adds an extra layer of security, as even if someone took a photo of the QR code, it would quickly become obsolete and unusable. Although Ubiqod Key is sometimes described as a dynamic QR code, it is technically a “rotating QR code” due to its time-based changing nature rather than remote content modification.

Dynamic QR codes in Ubiqod

All QR codes generated via the Skiply Ubiqod platform are considered dynamic because their content can be changed at any time remotely, allowing great flexibility in use across various applications. This is particularly useful for operations such as secure URL redirections, integrations via webhook, and connection with third-party applications or software.

How to create dynamic QR codes?

For those interested in creating and managing dynamic QR codes via the Ubiqod platform, Skiply’s online documentation provides guides and tutorials on creating redirection QR codes. Here is the direct link to this documentation to help users get started: Create QR codes on Ubiqod.

This resource guides users through the necessary steps to set up and effectively use dynamic QR codes according to their specific needs.

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