Documentation: QR codes

How to use QR code to track activity in the field with the Ubiqod platform.


What is a dynamic QR code?

Definition A dynamic QR code is a type of QR code whose content can be remotely modified via a management platform, without having to change the printed code itself. This offers considerable flexibility for marketing campaigns, management operations, and other applications where the content linked to the QR code needs to be regularly updated or personalized. Is Ubiqod Key a dynamic QR code? Ubiqod Key from Skiply is often referred to as a dynamic QR code due to its ability to display a QR code that changes at regular intervals, typically every 10 minutes. This regular change adds an extra […]

What is an “active” QR code?

The Ubiqod platform allows management of thousands of QR codes that can be linked to equipment, buildings, sites, or individuals. Only ‘active’ QR codes are charged. Therefore, a QR code can be deactivated to avoid paying service fees when it is not needed. When is it advantageous to deactivate a QR code? Seasonal activity For instance, if you have a seasonal business like a campground and you only monitor the cleaning of your bungalows for five months of the year, you can deactivate the corresponding QR codes for the remaining seven months of the year. This way, you will only […]

Creating a QR Code Survey in Ubiqod

The Ubiqod platform integrates unique features for collecting customer or employee feedback using QR codes: Rating out of 5 Optional and configurable comment and email fields (they can be activated based on the user’s rating) Optional photo taking to report a problem Optional geolocation of the user with their consent Conditional redirections at the end of feedback (for example, to improve e-reputation or to redirect users to targeted offers) Data can be sent through connectors, and the platform integrates email alerts received when feedback is submitted (which can be disabled). It is also possible to assign a site to each […]

Google Timesheet with Ubiqod

Effortlessly Track Time with Google Timesheet Track employee time with a Google Timesheet is a seamless process that takes less than 5 minutes. If you’re ready to jumpstart your experience with Ubiqod and Google Timesheet, follow this detailed tutorial to get started. For an enhanced experience, consider exploring the Skiply Timesheet App for Google Workplace. This app offers a comprehensive solution for free, although it may require a bit more effort to configure for those new to the platform. It contains a timesheet template that is suitable for most use cases. Google Timesheet for deskless workers This guide provides a […]

Automating Work Requests with a CMMS

What is a CMMS? CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. It is a software designed to structure and monitor a fleet of buildings and/or machinery. Software examples include IBM’s Maximo, MaintainX (used in the above video) or Fiix. Management of Work Requests Very often, CMMS offer functions that allow users to make work requests and to track the completion of these requests through a process or workflow. There are already several types of work requests: Manual requests, which users must enter into the CMMS when they notice a need for intervention Automatic requests, for example from machine sensors, which […]

Geolocation of Equipment or Machines by QR Code

In the field, it is sometimes necessary to track the position of certain equipment, whether for inventory purposes, traceability, or optimization. Use cases: waste, construction sites, cleanliness… There are numerous examples of equipment geolocation use cases: Tracking the position of a waste collection bin (at deployment and/or upon its retrieval) Tracking the location of a floor scrubber that is used across multiple sites Tracking the position of machinery or dumpsters on a construction site Example: Equipment geolocation in Google Sheets Let’s consider the following use case: a waste management provider wants to track the position of a collection dumpster when […]

Track attendance on site with Excel and Power Automate

With Ubiqod, you can collect data from a wireless time clock, connected buttons or QR codes. Connectors make it possible to send this data to almost any third party software. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use Ubiqod’s webhooks to send data to Excel online through Microsoft Power Automate. Our target: track attendance on site with Excel For the purpose of this tutorial, we will create a system to track attendance of workers on a site. Each time the worker is on site, she/he will scan a QR code on site and press “Arrive”. We will use a […]

Free Employee Tracking App using Google Sheets

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a QR code check-in system for staff using the Ubiqod platform and The Free Employee Tracking App “Skiply Timesheet”. If you want to give a quick try, you may start wih the Google Timesheet tutorial. This tutorial is applicable to standard QR Codes (generated directly by the platform) and Ubiqod Key (sold separately). You can also apply the same process to use the App with wireless RFID reader like Clock S or Smilio A. You can also use the kiosk mode. Worker experience for clock in/out By the end of […]