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What is an “active” QR code?

The Ubiqod platform allows management of thousands of QR codes that can be linked to equipment, buildings, sites, or individuals.

Only ‘active’ QR codes are charged. Therefore, a QR code can be deactivated to avoid paying service fees when it is not needed.

When is it advantageous to deactivate a QR code?

Seasonal activity

For instance, if you have a seasonal business like a campground and you only monitor the cleaning of your bungalows for five months of the year, you can deactivate the corresponding QR codes for the remaining seven months of the year. This way, you will only be charged for the operating period.


If you are conducting inventories using Ubiqod QR codes, you will link a QR code to each item to be inventoried. You can activate these QR codes only on the day of the inventory, thus avoiding fees for QR codes that will not be used the rest of the time.

How to deactivate a QR code on the Ubiqod platform?

QR codes can be deactivated directly from the list of trackers or on the tracker’s page:

How to activate / deactivate a QR code?

You can also activate and deactivate QR codes in bulk by selecting the trackers all at once.

Upcoming: It will soon be possible to activate and deactivate QR codes through the Ubiqod API, allowing for programmatic control.

What happens when a QR code is deactivated?

If a QR code is scanned while it is deactivated, the user will see a message indicating that the QR code is not active.

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