End of Life for Ubiqod Platform v1, monday.com Add-on, and Migration to the New Version

Service Shutdown Schedule for Ubiqod Version 1

After 4 years of operation, Ubiqod platform version 1 will be replaced by a newer, more modern, and efficient version.

How to Know Which Version of Ubiqod You Are Using?

If you are using the platform https://admin.ubiqod.com, you are on version 1 and are affected by the service shutdown. We recommend migrating to the new platform https://app.ubiqod.com as soon as possible (contact Skiply support if needed).

Purchase of Credit Packs (All Users)

The option to buy new credit packs on the Skiply store will remain available until March 30, 2024. After this date, it will no longer be possible to purchase new credits online.

Complete Shutdown of Services

The complete shutdown of services is scheduled for March 31, 2025.

End of Life for the monday.com “Item Tracking” Add-on Version 1

Over the past four years, we have had the privilege of offering you the best possible experience with our add-on for monday.com dedicated to item tracking and inventories. We are proud to have helped many customers achieve their goals with a service that is both economical and reliable. However, with the transition to the new version of Ubiqod, item tracking is no longer in line with Skiply’s core business.

About a year ago, we announced the end of support for new customers. We are now entering the next phase of our application’s end-of-life process, detailed as follows:

Creation of QR Codes: The creation of new QR codes from monday.com will be discontinued after December 31, 2024. Although the interface will become inaccessible, previously generated QR codes will continue to work, allowing you to change statuses or update quantities as needed. Complete Shutdown of Service: The complete shutdown of our service is scheduled for March 31, 2025.

Given these changes, we are pleased to inform you that Jetpack has launched a replacement application, available at https://jetpackapps.co/qr-tracking-monday-triggerly/. Ubiqod users will benefit from a 15% discount on this service. To take advantage of this offer, please send the code “skiply15” by email to appsupport@jetpackwork.com.

Migration to Ubiqod v2

Credit Transfer

If you have any credits left on version 1 of the platform, they will be fully transferred to version 2 of the platform during the migration.

Connectors and Apps Available

The Zapier, Google Sheets, Webhooks, and Power Automate connectors can be transferred to platform v2. Only the monday.com “Item Tracking” add-on will no longer be available.