Field Service Management:
how to manage field services with Ubiqod ?

According to a Forrester study, 77% of field workers say they don’t have the right digital tools to be effective. The Ubiqod field service management platform gives them the means to be more productive at a lower cost.

What is “Field Service Management”?

“Field Services” encompasses the activity of workers who do not have a fixed office. These are people who work in customers’ offices, on a construction site or in the field. This category represents 80% of the employees in the world. A Field Service Management software like Ubiqod allows to facilitate the management of these activities.

Digital identity of field staff

There are 2 cases:

  • People with a digital identity: they access the company’s information system by logging in. They can therefore be equipped with dedicated mobile applications.
  • Workers without a digital identity. This is particularly the case for maintenance staff, certain workers, temporary employees and external service providers.

Ubiqod offers a unique solution to connect workers without digital identity to the information system of companies.

QR codes and connected objects for Field Service Management

There are two cases:

QR codes generated by Ubiqod can be used without any special application: a simple QR code reader (sometimes integrated in the camera) is enough.

Linking field data to information systems

The Ubiqod Field Service Management platform sends the collected data to the system of your choice. Thanks to the connectors, you can build the tool that best fits your needs, whether you are a structured IT department or a committed Citizen Developer.

Connecteurs field service management

Asset tracking and tracing
(asset Tracking)

QR code field Service Management


By scanning a QR code, the user geolocates an asset with one click, and reports an intervention on this asset if necessary.


  1. A QR code is associated and attached to an asset: industrial dumpster, collection bin, road sign, video projector, or even sheet.
  2. When the user scans the QR code, a screen allows him to choose the action to be performed: geolocate, report a passage, record a maintenance…
  3. Once validated, the user’s choice and location are sent to the data connector to be used to automate actions or store information.

It is possible to secure the actions by PIN code.

Time and Attendance
passage control

Skiply Smilio A pointage / timekeeping


By scanning a QR code or pressing a button, the field worker can signal his passage.


  1. A QR code is displayed on the premises or at the place of service.
  2. When the user arrives on site, he scans the QR code, and indicates whether he is arriving or leaving.
  3. Once validated, the user’s choice is sent to the data connector, and can then be used to automate actions or store information.

It is possible to secure the actions by PIN code and geofencing. Geofencing consists in comparing the user’s position with the GPS coordinates of the site.

Compatible with Ubiqod Key

The Ubiqod Field Service Management platform is also compatible with the Ubiqod Key secure QR code.

Thus, the proof of presence is secure without the need to access the user’s GPS location.

QR code sécurisé pour la gestion des services terrain

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