Every day, Facility Services professionals must ensure that their teams or those of their subcontractors have been on site or at home. With Skiply’s traceability solutions, there is no need for paper tally sheets that you would spend hours compiling in an Excel file.

By combining our mobile time clock and geolocated QR code technology with our time recording software, we automate the collection and reporting of working hours. In the event of staff delays on a site, we alert you instantly.

You can also inform users with our digital pass sheet, which allows them to consult the schedule of the last passage.

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Use cases for traceability

Skiply wireless time clocks

Skiply offers a full range of products and services around the traceability of interventions and proof of passage on site for facility management and home services.

We also offer RFID time clocks and systems based on static and dynamic QR codes, including forgery-proof proof of passage.

Our experts are at your disposal to advise you and propose the most suitable and economical solution for your needs.

We also offer a digital sign-in sheet that allows you to inform users of the time of the last visit of the cleaning staff.

Challenges for Facility Management and Home Services

Facility Management in France

Facility management consists of outsourcing services related to the maintenance of buildings and other general services. This includes cleaning services.

The cleaning industry is undergoing a major transformation, moving from scheduled services to on-demand services. The digitalization of check-in and customer relations is therefore a major challenge for all players in the sector. Skiply offers solutions adapted to each challenge.

In France, according to Services Propreté magazine, the top 10 cleaning companies in 2019 are:

  1. ONET Group
  2. Samsic
  3. Atalian
  4. GSF Group
  5. Elior Services
  6. Derichebourg Environmental Services
  7. ISS France
  8. Challancin
  9. Isor
  10. Stem

Home services in France

Home services, also known as personal services, have been developing strongly in recent years: ironing, cleaning, childcare, help for the elderly, gardening, private lessons, etc. Unlike Facility Management, they are aimed at individuals.

However, their issues remain quite similar, and Skiply’s products and services also enable the digitalization of processes, and thus gain efficiency in highly competitive businesses.

Here are some actors of this market in France:

  • O2 Care Services
  • Axeo Services
  • Shiva
  • Adhap
  • Azaé
  • Petis-fils
  • Age d’Or
  • Kangourou Kids
  • Acadomia
  • Maison et Services