Professional QR code platform

QR codes are well-known to the general public for COVID certificates or viewing menus at restaurants.

Skiply offers a professional platform allowing the use of this technology in fields such as Facility Management, cleaning, waste management, or logistics:

  • Monitoring of services
  • Staff clocking in and out
  • On-demand services
  • Equipment tracking
  • QR code-based satisfaction surveys

With Ubiqod Key, Skiply also offers a secure solution that ensures the QR code has not been copied for fraudulent use.


Ubiqod Version 1.10 Update: New Features Available

We are pleased to announce the release of Ubiqod version 1.10, which includes two major enhancements designed to expand the platform’s capabilities and optimize operational management. Flexible Payment Options for QR Code Trackers (QOD) Users of QR code trackers (QOD) now have the option to choose between two payment models: the traditional daily payment or the newly introduced payment per scan. This new billing method is particularly beneficial for use cases involving the monitoring of installed equipment, offering increased flexibility and potentially reducing costs. Enhanced Team Management Features The Ubiqod platform now includes advanced team management capabilities, allowing multiple users […]

Ubiqod is Now Natively Available on, formerly known as Integromat, has become a benchmark in the No Code productivity software world in just a few years. It enables individuals without a computer science background to create automated scenarios connecting multiple cloud tools. With the new Ubiqod App for, it is now very easy to connect Skiply’s buttons, time clocks, and QR codes to any cloud system that has a connector. This can include CMMS like MaintainX, project management software like Asana, or time tracking tools like Clockify. Using can allow for the development of a proof of concept in just a few […]

The Ubiqod API is Available for All Users

The Ubiqod platform, developed by Skiply, is revolutionizing the connection of field workers by leveraging advanced technologies such as QR codes, NFC and Bluetooth time clocks, as well as connected terminals. This solution is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the software already used by companies, thus offering a smooth gateway for the transfer of collected data to third-party systems. With the introduction of the Ubiqod API, the customization and configuration of sites, trackers, as well as lists of badges or PIN codes become programmatically possible, paving the way for increased flexibility and adaptability. This major advancement allows for automated […]

Updates on the Ubiqod platform

The 0.4 version of the Ubiqod platform is now available and deployed for all users. This version brings many developments and features. New features Identification using the user’s phone : The Ubiqod platform allows for identifying people who are intervening in the field. Several methods make this possible: Entering a code on a mobile interface or a wireless terminal such as Smilio A Passing or detecting a badge on a mobile time clock such as Clock R / Clock S Systematic scanning of a personal QR code on the mobile interface Now, the administrator can activate the saving of the […]

What’s new on the Ubiqod platform

In 2022, Skiply launched a new Ubiqod platform allowing users to follow field staff activity with connected devices and secured QR codes. Ubiqod provides a way to send data from the field to any existing system. This new platform ( will replace gradually the former one ( What’s new in 0.3 release? The dashboard was reworked for better lisibility and styling: New trackers counters New map to visualize your sites’ position Updated recent activities table to be clearer and to use input logs We added support for Smilio S and Smilio E in the platform, and the Skiply devices can […]

Update on the adoption of the QR code for professional uses

Unquestionably, the QR code has entered the daily life of people all over the world with the Sanitary Pass. To be convinced, simply consult the search trends for the term “QR code” on Google Trends : terme “QR code” sur Google Trends : This unexpected notoriety of small black squares among the general public has not been without consequences on its use in professional world. Now, unlike RFID, everyone knows how to scan and use a QR code. Here is a quick overview of the most common uses. The QR code for pointing While QR code pointing solutions are now […]

New service: QR code satisfaction survey

Skiply’s survey terminals are an excellent way to measure customer, passenger and visitor satisfaction in public places. With them, you can collect thousands of votes effortlessly. In addition to the terminals, Skiply has always offered QR codes that allow users to express the reason for any dissatisfaction they may have. Now you can create and manage these QR codes yourself, and redirect your customers according to their level of satisfaction: to a public review site when they are satisfied, or to a promotional page for others. Setting up a customer survey in real-time and in context now takes less than […]