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Tracking Coat Check Activity Level During an Event

A contractor is responsible for coat checking during a sports event. They need to track the number of bags, pieces of luggage, and clothing items handled during this event for customer reporting and improved staff management.

Collect data with connected buttons

Smilio A is a set of connected buttons. It works on batteries for years and is wireless. You can use this type of keyboard:

Skiply, boîtier connecté Smilio A - multiservices

The device will be placed near the counters. Each time an employee takes items, they will press the button corresponding to the quantity taken.

Every 10 minutes, the device will send the total number of items registered during the period.

Send data with Ubiqod

The data must be stored in a spreadsheet or in a database to be accessible by the manager from the cloud, even remotely. Therefore, they can supervise multiple sites in different locations from the office.

With Ubiqod, you can send data received from the devices to your preferred reporting tool through dispatches. It can be:

Google Sheet

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Power BI

Google Locker Studio

Or any system accepting webhooks or accessible with tools like Zapier or Make.com


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