Software for Facility Management

There are many software solutions for facility management. Indeed, facility managers are faced with many challenges to deliver the support services they are in charge of:

  • Maintenance management
  • Management of various interventions
  • Maintenance
  • Users feedback
  • Resource planning
  • Consumable management
  • Room occupancy…

The list of applications is long, and budgets are sometimes tight. But the gains obtained with the automation of certain time-consuming tasks often allow to obtain very good returns on investment.

Skiply works with specialized partners who can help you manage your facility services business more effectively.

Microshare: predictive cleaning, occupancy and contact tracing

Microshare offers comprehensive solutions to help facility managers plan their business optimally using artificial intelligence.

To feed its facility management software, Microshare uses Smilio A kiosks to collect user feedback. The startup correlates this data with the passage data collected thanks to the magnetic badge integrated into the terminal, in order to optimize the schedules of the workers.

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Flexio: French nocode for a customized solution

Flexio offers a nocode alternative to turnkey facility management software. With this tool, it is the customer himself who can build his solution according to his business constraints, and without having to know the programming.

For example, this is the solution chosen by Keolis to track cleaning and disinfection for the Chambéry transport network.

Whether it’s a screen displaying real-time progress in the drivers’ break room, or a list to ensure that the duration of work is in accordance with the contract, Flexio can do it all!

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MerciYanis: a platform for facility and general services

MerciYanis is a facility management software based in the cloud. This French solution allows the management of incidents as well as the planning and monitoring of interventions.

MerciYanis integrates the Smilio E digital sign-in sheet and the RFID clock ST.

How to choose a facility management software?

The choice of a solution depends a lot on the constraints and expectations of each facility manager. It is very difficult to buy this type of solution from a catalog. Do not hesitate to consult Skiply’s partners and ask for demonstrations.

It may also be worthwhile to test the software for a short period of time in order to evaluate the benefits. The Skiply team can also direct you to the most suitable partner for your project.

Generally speaking, there are a few key points that need to be addressed before a choice can be made:

  1. Should the solution allow the Facility Manager to be autonomous in terms of software evolution? If so, the choice of nocode or lowcode solutions (Flexio, Microsoft Power Platform, Google Sheets) is to be preferred.
  2. What is the volume of data that will be processed? If it is small, solutions such as the Google Sheets application proposed by Skiply may be sufficient.
  3. Should the solution be able to integrate with an existing IS? If so, the use of tools such as Microsoft’s Power Platform may be more effective.

Turnkey software such as those proposed by MerciYanis and Microshare offer the best alternative for companies seeking a complete outsourcing of facility management software.

Other software exists and can be connected with Skiply kiosks via APIs:

  • Planon software
  • Praxedo