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Commissioning your Ubiqod Key

When you receive your Ubiqod Key, the screen is blank and the batteries are not inserted. This is done to prevent remanence phenomena and conserve energy during transportation.

Please follow the following step to commission your Ubiqod Key (do not insert batteries until instructed).

Add your Ubiqod Key to your Ubiqod account

Please follow the instructions in this article. After following it, you should see your Ubiqod Key in the tracker list:

Tracker List: Ubiqod Key

If your Ubiqod Key is not in the list, please contact: support@ubiqod.com

Prepare your smartphone

After inserting the batteries, a first QR code will be displayed on the screen. You will have one minute to scan the first QR code, so please ensure that you know how to scan a QR code with your smartphone et be prepared for action!

Insert batteries and scan the code

Insert the batteries, and wait for the first QR code to be displayed. You have one minute to scan it.

After scanning the code, you should see a success message on your smartphone.

If you get a failure scan, please try again by removing and reinserting the batteries. Then, scan the first QR code in the following minute.

If you still get a failure scan, contact: support@ubiqod.com

This operation must be repeated each time you insert batteries in your Ubiqod Key.

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