Documentation: Ubiqod Key

Documentation articles related to Ubiqod Key, the patented secure QR code from Skiply.


How to secure your app or form with Ubiqod key?

Ubiqod Key displays a QR code that changes at regular intervals. If you use an integrated interface (single/multiple choice, digit…), the Ubiqod platform will check if the QR code is valid. If you redirect the user to your own app or form, you will receive a token as a url parameter. This token must be checked after submission through an API endpoint. Add the token to the redirected URL In the redirection interface, check Validation token to add the token to the URL as URL parameter. You can customize the name of the parameter in the ADVANCED PARAMETERS. Check the […]

Adding your Ubiqod Key to your Ubiqod account

When you order an Ubiqod Key, you have to add it to your Ubiqod account before being able to use it on the platform. In the Ubiqod platform, go to Tracker > UBIQOD KEY section and click on the button +UBIQOD KEY. You should see this screen: When you buy a Ubiqod Key, Skiply sends you the order information by email. Check your spam folder if you didn’t receive it! Regarding the import options, only the first one is applicable to Ubiqod Key. By default, when you import a device, it will be activated, and therefore consumes credits. The next step […]

Ubiqod: PIN codes lists

What is a PIN codes list? On the Ubiqod platform, PIN codes serve dual purposes: they can both identify users and secure form submissions. This functionality is exclusive to QR codes, including QODs and Ubiqod Key. For identification through IoT, we rely on Badge lists. Users can manually input the PIN codes or they can scan a personal QR code using their smartphone’s camera. It’s possible to use the identification feature without a PIN codes list. In such cases, Ubiqod will relay the entered code as it is in the label field (see dispatches). Implementing PIN codes lists offers additional […]

Free Employee Tracking App using Google Sheets

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a QR code check-in system for staff using the Ubiqod platform and The Free Employee Tracking App “Skiply Timesheet”. If you want to give a quick try, you may start wih the Google Timesheet tutorial. This tutorial is applicable to standard QR Codes (generated directly by the platform) and Ubiqod Key (sold separately). You can also apply the same process to use the App with wireless RFID reader like Clock S or Smilio A. You can also use the kiosk mode. Worker experience for clock in/out By the end of […]

Managing on-demand services in the field

On-demand services are a rapidly growing requirement in various areas of business, ranging from facility services to waste management. Skiply provides a diverse range of solutions to assist businesses in efficiently managing on-field service requests. Send service requests with connected buttons Skiply offers a diverse selection of connected buttons that can operate on batteries for several years. These devices can be conveniently placed in meeting rooms, allowing users to report technical issues or request additional cleaning services. They can also be utilized in factories to facilitate waste containers rotations requests in real time. Send service requests with QR codes Ubiqod […]

Commissioning your Ubiqod Key

When you receive your Ubiqod Key, the screen is blank and the batteries are not inserted. This is done to prevent remanence phenomena and conserve energy during transportation. Please follow the following step to commission your Ubiqod Key (do not insert batteries until instructed). Add your Ubiqod Key to your Ubiqod account Please follow the instructions in this article. After following it, you should see your Ubiqod Key in the tracker list: If your Ubiqod Key is not in the list, please contact: Prepare your smartphone After inserting the batteries, a first QR code will be displayed on the […]

Tracking Employee Attendance and Hours at Client Sites

There are numerous existing systems available for tracking the work hours of office employees. However, Skiply provides a solution specifically designed to track attendance and hours for deskless workers. Track attendance with wireless connected devices Skiply provides a wide range of connected devices that can run on batteries for years. The following devices (called trackers in Ubiqod) are adapted to this use case: Clock S, the connected RFID time clock Clock R, the touchless time clock Smilio E, the all-in-one solution for cleaning service attendance Track attendance with standard and secured QR codes Ubiqod offers an easy and cheap way […]