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Managing on-demand services in the field

On-demand services are a rapidly growing requirement in various areas of business, ranging from facility services to waste management. Skiply provides a diverse range of solutions to assist businesses in efficiently managing on-field service requests.

Send service requests with connected buttons

Skiply offers a diverse selection of connected buttons that can operate on batteries for several years. These devices can be conveniently placed in meeting rooms, allowing users to report technical issues or request additional cleaning services. They can also be utilized in factories to facilitate waste containers rotations requests in real time.

Send service requests with QR codes

Ubiqod offers an easy and cheap way to design an on-demand request system with QR codes. You can create standard QR and the associated web page directly in the Ubiqod platform.

If you need to add an extra security layer, you can use our secured QR code device Ubiqod Key.

Manage data with Ubiqod

Requests collected in the field can be useful for billing purposes, team management or analytics. With Ubiqod, you can easily send the data collected with the trackers to any third-party system thanks to our powerfull dispatch system.


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