Clock S documentation: Wireless NFC Time Clock

Pointeuse mobile RFID clock SClock S is an NFC/RFID time clock designed for tracking field activities such as cleaning, construction, and collective catering.

Wireless and waterproof, it operates autonomously for several years on batteries.

Through the Ubiqod platform, it’s possible to connect Clock S to any third-party software via dispatches.


Ubiqod: badge lists

What is a badge list? A badge list can help you to make a mapping between a badge and an associated label or reference. This badge can be an RFID badge (Clock S, Clock E) or a bluetooth badge (Clock R). For instance, you can assign a badge number to the employee ID of a person in your HRIS. Implementing badge lists offers additional capabilities: Data Filtering: Verify if the user has input a recognized badge. System Mapping: Create a linkage between Ubiqod and an external system, like associating a worker ID in your HRIS. Custom Labeling: Assign a bespoke […]

Ubiqod Trackers

What is a tracker? On the Ubiqod platform, a tracker is a “point of interaction” with a user. A tracker can be: A standard QR code, called QOD on the platform A rotating QR code (Ubiqod Key) Any device from the Skiply range (RFID clock, Digital Timesheet, connected buttons…) Each tracker can be associated with : A site (optional) An interface One or several dispatch Create and configure a tracker Standard QR codes (QODs) The platform can generate standard QR codes (QODs) that will be used to interact with users. To create a QOD, go to the Trackers menu. In […]

Adding your connected device (IoT) to your Ubiqod account

This tutorial applies to every compatible connected device: Smilio A, Smilio S, Clock ST, Clock S, Smilio E, Clock R. When you order a Skiply connected device, you have to add it to your Ubiqod account before being able to use it on the platform. In the Ubiqod platform, go to the Trackers menu. In the IOT tab, click on the + IOT button. You should see this screen: When you buy a compatible device, Skiply sends you the order information by email. Check your spam folder if you didn’t receive it! Leave all the available options unchecked. Click on […]

Tracking Employee Attendance and Hours at Client Sites

There are numerous existing systems available for tracking the work hours of office employees. However, Skiply provides a solution specifically designed to track attendance and hours for deskless workers. Track attendance with wireless connected devices Skiply provides a wide range of connected devices that can run on batteries for years. The following devices (called trackers in Ubiqod) are adapted to this use case: Clock S, the connected RFID time clock Clock R, the touchless time clock Smilio E, the all-in-one solution for cleaning service attendance Track attendance with standard and secured QR codes Ubiqod offers an easy and cheap way […]