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Introduction to Ubiqod platform

Welcome to Ubiqod – the new way to connect your field staff to your own IT systems.

Ubiqod offers a solution for collecting data from field workers and seamlessly integrating it into your preferred software, be it a Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Facility Management software, or even Excel.

Data collected can be used for various purposes such as tracking times, monitoring task completion, or ensuring the traceability of items.

You can also create QR code feedback surveys.

Ubiqod overview: activity tracking

Collect data with trackers

Trackers collect data from the field.

Ubiqod can manage 3 types of trackers:

Standard QR codes (QODs), that you can create and print direclty from your interface

Skiply connected devices (IoT) like Smilio A, Smilio E or Clock S

Patented rotating QR code (Ubiqod Key)

Organise tracker into sites (optional)

Each tracker can be linked to a specific site. This site is geolocated to allow comparison of the user’s position relative to the site when needed. The integrated site management provides an easy way to organize one’s activity.

Using sites is not mandatory, as it can be managed in your own system.

Create ready-to-user interfaces… or redirect users to your own system

When a user scans a QR code on a printed paper or on the Ubiqod Key screen, he will be redirected to a web page. This web page can be managed by you or built with the integrated builder (see interfaces). Interfaces are also useful to associate actions to IoT devices.

Send data thru connectors

When users submit their input, Ubiqod allows them to easily send their data to almost any third-party system: Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, but potentially hundreds of other software with the help of webhooks or (see dispatch).

Want to give it a try? Test the Skiply Timesheet App for Google Sheets, or start with the connector.