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Ubiqod: badge lists

What is a badge list?

A badge list can help you to make a mapping between a badge and an associated label or reference. This badge can be an RFID badge (Clock S, Clock E) or a bluetooth badge (Clock R).

For instance, you can assign a badge number to the employee ID of a person in your HRIS.

Implementing badge lists offers additional capabilities:

Data Filtering: Verify if the user has input a recognized badge.

System Mapping: Create a linkage between Ubiqod and an external system, like associating a worker ID in your HRIS.

Custom Labeling: Assign a bespoke label for each badge (e.g., the associated person’s name) without the need to configure it in a third-party system.

Create and configure a badge list

To create a badge list, go to the Interfaces menu and in the BADGE LIST tab.

Click on the + CREATE button.

Badge mapping for RFID and BLE time clocks.

You can import a file if you need to create a large number of badges from a spreadsheet.

Mapping Badge IDs to User IDs in Other Software: Utilizing External References

For each line, your can add a label and external references (for instance a personnal id in Lucca if you are using the Lucca connector) by clicking on the link icon.

How to use external references in Ubiqod

In this example, when Ubiqod receives the NFC badge ID AEBF34AE321, it will send the external reference “quickbooks_time_user_id” with the value 21542516. This external reference is particularly useful when used in scenarios like in Make.

Using a badge list

To use your badge list, associate it to your interface in the GENERAL OPTIONS.


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