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Ubiqod: badge lists

What is a badge list?

A badge list can help you to make a mapping between a badge and an associated label or reference. This badge can be an RFID badge (Clock S, Clock E) or a bluetooth badge (Clock R).

For instance, you can assign a badge number to the employee ID of a person in your HRIS.

Implementing badge lists offers additional capabilities:

Data Filtering: Verify if the user has input a recognized badge.

System Mapping: Create a linkage between Ubiqod and an external system, like associating a worker ID in your HRIS.

Custom Labeling: Assign a bespoke label for each badge (e.g., the associated person’s name) without the need to configure it in a third-party system.

Create and configure a badge list

To create a badge list, go to the Interfaces menu and in the BADGE LIST tab.

Click on the + CREATE button.

Badge mapping for RFID and BLE time clocks.

You can import a file if you need to create a large number of badges from a spreadsheet.

For each line, your can add a label and external references (for instance a personnal id in Lucca if you are using the Lucca connector).

Using a badge list

To use your badge list, associate it to your interface in the GENERAL OPTIONS.