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Ubiqod: PIN codes lists

Identification of staff on the field with QR codes and PIN codes

What is a PIN codes list?

On the Ubiqod platform, PIN codes serve dual purposes: they can both identify users and secure form submissions. This functionality is exclusive to QR codes, including QODs and Ubiqod Key. For identification through IoT, we rely on Badge lists.

Users can manually input the PIN codes or they can scan a personal QR code using their smartphone’s camera.

It’s possible to use the identification feature without a PIN codes list. In such cases, Ubiqod will relay the entered code as it is in the label field (see dispatches).

Implementing PIN codes lists offers additional capabilities:

Data Filtering (at dispatch level): Send data only if the user has input a recognized code (ie a code included in the list).

System Mapping: Create a linkage between Ubiqod and an external system, like associating a worker ID in your HRIS.

Custom Labeling: Assign a bespoke label for each code (e.g., the associated person’s name) without the need to configure it in a third-party system.

Create and configure a PIN codes list

To create a PIN codes list, go to the Interfaces menu and in the PIN CODES LIST tab.

Click on the + CREATE button.

PIN code list for staff identification

You can import a file if you need to create a large number of codes.

For each line, your can add a label and external references (for instance a personnal id in Lucca if you are using the Lucca connector).

Clicking on the QR code symbol will generate the corresponding QR code.

Download the QR codes

To download a zip file with all PIN codes from a list as QR code (png format), save your PIN code list, and click on the Download button.

Print the QR codes

To print all PIN codes from a list as QR code, select the PIN codes list in the list, and click the Print button.

Using a PIN code list

To use your PIN codes list, associate it to your interface in the GENERAL OPTIONS.


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