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Ubiqod: Data Filtering (dispatch)

What is data filtering?

Data filtering lets you limit the data relayed to the dispatch based on specific criteria. When this feature is activated, only the data that meets these criteria will be sent to the dispatch.

You can find data filtering options under the GENERAL OPTIONS tab within the Dispatches section.

To add a filter, activate the Data filter option, click on ADD + and select the filter you want to apply. You can combine multiple filters.

Acknowledgement with badge filter (IoT only)


Select A badge was scanned to send data when a user scans a badge on a device (magnetic confirmation for Smilio A, RFID badges for RFID products).

Select A badge was not scanned to send data when no badge scan is detected.

Use cases

Use different data path for public facing actions and staff actions

Using this filter, you can trigger different dispatches based on whether the actions are performed by the public or by the staff, all on the same device.

For instance, on this device:


If a user selects “Soap is needed”, you can trigger Dispatch A (for instance, it will trigger a request by SMS).

However, if a staff member selects the same option and scans a badge, Dispatch B will be triggered (for instance, staff passage will be log in a file).

Restrict actions to authorized users

With this filter, you can prioritize data that’s validated with a badge scan.

For example, if you have connected buttons in a factory and aim to establish an on-demand service system, you can choose to process only the data sent by badge-holders and dismiss any unverified data.

User code filter

This filter allows you to limit data transmission to users who enter a PIN code or scan a badge that is recognized in your PIN code or Badge list.


Select The user code is recognized to send data only when the entered code or badge number matches an entry in your PIN code list.

Select The user code is not recognized to send data only when the entered code or badge number isn’t found in your PIN code list.

Geolocation on site filter (QR codes only)

This option ensures that users are in the authorized perimeter of a site before sending data.


Select The geolocation was validated on site to transmit data only when the geofencing confirms the user’s location aligns with the site’s geolocation.

Select The geolocation was not validated on site to transmit data only when the geofencing indicates the user’s location doesn’t match the site’s geolocation.

If the user do not authorized the smartphone to activate geolocation, the geofencing will always returns false.
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