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Ubiqod Sites

What is a site?

On the Ubiqod platform, a site corresponds to a physical location in real life. It can be a building, a public place, a field… Sites are used to group trackers and associate them with specific locations.

If you already have your own site or asset management software, you don’t need to use this feature. If your tracker is mobile, you may not need to use the sites feature.

Create and configure a site

In the Sites menu, click on the + CREATE button.

Creation using the web interface

Enter a label for your site. For instance: Main office ACME (if you have several trackers on site, you can use the tracker’s label to add a precision like Hall A).

In the EDIT tab, you can select how you want to locate your site.

Define site position by address

Create a site by address

Fill the address fields and press the CREATE button at the bottom right of the page.

Define site position by GPS coordinates

Enter latitude and longitude and press the CREATE button at the bottom right of the page.

Creation using imports

You can import multiple sites in one operation using the IMPORT tab.

Use the example file to know how to format and prepare your data for the import.

Refresh the list

After creating a site, you will be redirected to the site list. Press the refresh button. Click on your new site to ensure that the position is correct on the map.

Sites options

If you click on the site in the Sites list, you will have several additional options to configure or add metadata to a site.

Geofencing distance

The Distance from location in meters is useful to define a geofencing perimeter when you activate this option in a QR code interface.


Contacts are an optional field. They provide a basic way to add information that could help to run automations.

Possible use case: if you have a Smilio A that should send an email to someone when a specific button is pressed, you can use the contact information to send this email to the correct person, depending on the site where the device is located.

You can add 2 contacts per site, with labels Customer and Manager.

Network check (Sigfox only)

The platform provide a way to check if the Sigfox network is available at the location. This is only useful to check a potential site connectivity for IoT devices. If the Sigfox network is not available, you can contact the Skiply support to check LoRaWAN networks (not available on the platform).

External references

External references are useful to synchronize an existing asset list with Ubiqod.

If your site exists in your system, you can place here the corresponding references, and those references will be sent by the webhook.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Am I required to use the websites?
No, you can use trackers without assigning a site to them, even if we recommend to use it to manage large fleets or to use geolocation and geofencing options.
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